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                Brian: This is, I guess, the ultimate news flash. Maybe the last one. Just a couple of minutes ago a lot of people ascended up into the air and met the returning Jesus Christ. At least that seems to be what happened. As you can see, our cameras are on scene and there seem to be about a quadrillion people gathered in one place around a shining throne.  We go to Brit, on the scene.

                Brit: There’s a good deal of consternation here right now, Brian. A lot of milling around, though perhaps expectedly, people seem to be moving to the right and to the left side of the shining throne. It looks like the Man on the throne is about to speak. No, but wait. There’s a tall figure dressed in black walking up toward the throne. Are you getting this?

                Brian: Yes, Brit. Look, is he about to speak?

                Brit: It looks like it. Yes, he is.

                Dark Figure: Hah, hah, hah! So, you just could not do it, could you? Let’s see.” ALLLLLLL power and ALLLLLLL authority has been given unto me, in HEAVEN and on EARTH.” Yeah, right. And, uh, there was this choice bit: “You will receive the Spirit of God and I will be with you always.” Right. Hah! “Go and disciple all nations!” But you just could not pull it off, could you? Pathetic!!

                Brit: Whoa!

                Brian: Amen to that! But we have just set up our panel, and we welcome contributors: Gabriel, Ariel, and Uriel. So, Gabriel, what’s you’re assessment of what we’re seeing?

                Gabriel: Well, Brian, to be honest I’m confused. I was told to blow my trumpet, and I did, but I have to say that I did not think it would happen so soon. After all, we heard him say that all nations were to be discipled!

                Brian: Any comment, Ariel?

                Ariel: Frankly, I’m equally befuddled. As Gabriel said, he was clear that all nations of humanity were to be theocratized under him. That certainly has not happened. In fact, he has ended history at a time when vast numbers of people have never really heard the gospel he proclaimed and brought. What was the meaning of all the martyrs and all those who sacrificed for him and his kingdom, if he never intended to spread his grace from pole to pole? I’m beginning to wonder if truth really lies with him.

                Uriel (interrupting): Yes. This is like some vast joke. And I don’t like it. Weren’t the humans supposed to take dominion over all creation? To be sure, some ignorant humans have always said “He’s coming soon” or “We should expect him at any moment,” but that was obviously idiotic in view of what he clearly said. Now he ends history without doing anything like what he said he would do. I’m beginning to think that the Dark Lord was right all along.

                Brian: I’m beginning to become very much afraid.

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