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New Biblical Horizons Store

Introducing the Biblical Horizons Store

For many years, the Biblical Horizons ministry has offered books, essays, and tapes on biblical theology, ecclesiology and liturgics, studies in biblical chronology, and more. Now these materials are available online in the new Biblical Horizons store. Here’s a sampling of items you’ll find:

* Tapes of Biblical Horizons conferences from 1991 through 2007

* Books by Jordan, Leithart, Meyers, and others. (Don’t forget to pick up Jordan’s new book “Handwriting on the Wall: a Commentary on the Book of Daniel.” Autographed copies available).

* Works by Christian philosopher Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy

* Jordan’s Studies in Food and Faith

* Science fiction by Cordwainer Smith

* And much more. New items will be added from time to time, so be sure and check back occasionally.

Want to be on the Biblical Horizons mailing list? Jordan puts out a monthly newsletter with explorations in biblical theology and chronology and other topics; you can get a free six-month subscription if you e-mail him (jbjordan@biblicalhorizons.com) and request to be put on the list. After that, you’re asked to make a donation to continue receiving the mailings. A number of essays by Jordan and others are available free at the Biblical Horizons website.

Jordan is an insightful and engaging and speaker and writer, and his love for God’s word is always evident. Take advantage of these resources and learn to see the world through new eyes.

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