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Because of Donald Trump, the “Birther” issue is heating up. It is not going away, and is only part of a larger cluster of issues in regard to the President. Virtually all of the relevant documents concerning who he is and where he has been, have been suppressed, at great expense. It is not only a long form birth certificate that is missing, but a baptismal certificate, all of his student records and papers, from elementary school through Harvard Graduate School. His passport information is suppressed, as are all travel records. And finally, why on earth is this man using a Social Security number that would never have been issued to a resident of Hawaii? Who is this man? Nobody knows. What will happen if things heat up enough that it becomes impossible to suppress the question of the very legitimacy of his entire presidency?

I don’t think anyone knows what will happen. If enough came out, would it Nixon like, lead to resignation? Or Johnson like, decline to stand for re-election? Or have the Democrats simply become lawless enough that …who knows…?? It is a great unknown.

It seems to me that like Europe, 75 years ago, Nietzsche has become the defining figure. Nietzsche understood, as only a handful of people did, that Jesus Christ is the watershed. In his hatred of Jesus, he wanted to re-assert a bald pagan, Grecian, antithesis. However corrupted his vision became, under the rubble of confusion, that became Nazi-ism. I don’t see any appetite for movement in that direction here (or anymore, in Europe). On the other hand, what he saw with such clarity was that Leftism was Christianity (we would say, very confused and completely corrupted Christianity). That is what he hated. We are getting everything he hated. If the devil can’t beat you by moving you to complete and
bald paganism, then he tries to beat you by giving you corrupted Christianity. So, by moving Left in the complete Marxist direction, or by moving Left in the syrupy, caring, effeminate, Euro-socialist direction, you get destruction. Euro-socialism now makes every man (and woman) a parasite, every citizen, a pigmy cipher. This smallness is achieved through pretend Christianity (Christianity reduced to the ideology of the brat, demanding, ungrateful, destructive, adolescent). This goes far enough that we finally get the pretend adolescent Messiah (under it all, Obama on inauguration day could have worn shorts, jogging shoes, a baseball cap backwards, and skateboarded to the White House after grunting out at the end of his oath, “Hey, yeah man, sure,,,whatever). But the pretend goes so far that it reaches all the way down to what amounts to a double life, and double identity.

At this point, Limbaugh is the best illustration. Half the time, he treats Obama as though he is an incompetent fool. The other half, he treats him as though he is an evil genius. Which is he?

Well, its very confusing. The unity under it all that accounts for his looking like both at various times, is he is a double identity. Have you ever known anyone who lived a double life (a homosexual, a bigamist, or a pastor who practices “sexual abuse” on lady counselees)? I have known one person who lived a double life for years. It was eerie. On looking back…there was so much that was so strange, so confusing, for years. Finally, when it all comes out…ahhhh!!! Now I see, now I see. Yes, he kept that business because it allowed him to be out and about all night with no one suspecting…. uhuh, I see now…(for example).

In the providence of God, the Left has finally put up a candidate that is the perfect embodiment of what it is…pretend all the way through. So far through that his whole being is a double identity. Of course, that is exactly what “anti-Christ” is. He is not THE anti-Christ. It is just that in the Christian world if you are one who wants to establish total human autonomy and complete statist power (which is a demonic enterprise),  the only way you can finally do that is to pretend you are a new Jesus.  Obama in his hiddenness is ironically, the unmasking of the Left.

I have no idea how the System will deal with all of this. No one does.


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