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Peter J. Leithart & John Barach, eds., The Glory of Kings: A Festschrift in Honor of James B. Jordan (Eugene, OR: Pickwick, 2011).

Foreword — R. R. Reno

Introduction — Peter J. Leithart


1. The Glory of the Son of Man: An Exposition of Psalm 8 — John Barach

2. Judah’s Life from the Dead: The Gospel of Romans 11 — Tim Gallant

3. The Knotted Thread of Time: The Missing Daughter in Leviticus 18 — Peter J. Leithart

4. Holy War Fulfilled and Transformed: A Look at Some Important New Testament Texts — Rich Lusk

5. The Royal Priesthood in Exodus 19:6 — Ralph Allan Smith

6. Father Storm: A Theology of Sons in the Book of Job — Toby J. Sumpter


7. On Earth as It Is in Heaven: The Pastoral Typology of James B. Jordan — Bill DeJong

8. Why Don’t We Sing the Songs Jesus Sang? The Birth, Death, and Resurrection of English Psalm Singing — Duane Garner

9. Psalm 46 — William Jordan


10. A Pedagogical Paradigm for Understanding Reformed Eschatology with Special Emphasis on Basic Characteristics of Christ’s Person — C. Kee Hwang

11. Light and Shadow: Confessing the Doctrine of Election in the Sixteenth Century — Jeffrey J. Meyers


12. James Jordan, Rosenstock-Huessy, and Beyond — Richard Bledsoe

13. Theology of Beauty in Evdokimov — Bogumil Jarmulak

14. Empire, Sports, and War — Douglas Wilson

Afterword — John M. Frame

The Writings of James B. Jordan, 1975–2011 — John Barach


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P.O. Box 1096


Niceville, FL 32588


Phone: 850/897-5299

 Internet: jbjordan4@cox.net

Website: http://www.biblicalhorizons.com

May, 2011

Dear Friends,

First, thanks to all those who send gifts to help us buy new computer equipment. Now I just have to learn how to use Windows 7!

Second, the 921st Annual Biblical Horizons Bible Conference will be held at Trinity Presbyterian Church, Valparaiso, Florida (where we always have it) at the same time we always have it, the penultimate week of July (July 18-22).

– James Jordan: Material on Zechariah

– Peter Leithart: Material on Isaiah 1-12

– Jeffrey Meyers: Material on Acts

– Richard Bledsoe: Material on Prophecy as World Exorcism

– Begins Monday evening at 7:00 pm; ends Friday at 1:00 pm.

– Registration: $100 per person; $125 per family.

– Sung Vespers each evening, with “chanted” psalmody.

– Local airport is Northwest Florida Air Terminal (VPS).

– Phone or email at above numbers for discounted motel information.

Finally, we have 7 new papers available for sale this month:

_____ $1.50 C. Van Dam, The Meaning of Bishgagah. Published in 1989, this essay is the study of what the “sin of inadvertency” in Leviticus actually was. Van Dam shows that this is a “sin of wandering astray, or of being led astray.” This material is foundational for the work that we at Biblical Horizons have done in Leviticus; BUT, unless you can read Hebrew words, you will find it difficult, though not impossible, to read this paper.

_____ $3.00 Richard M. Davidson, The Genesis Flood Narrative: Crucial Issues in the Current Debate. This is the same Richard Davidson who wrote Typology in Scripture. Published in 2004, this is the best gathering of proofs for a universal, not a local, flood. Since local floods are all the rage in evangelical circles these days, especially on the Baalogos website, we thought to make this essay more widely available. It is absolutely devastating to any notion of a local flood.

_____ $4.00 R. W. Landis, The Meaning and Use of Selah. Published in 1864 during the Civil War and virtually forgotten as a result, this is a good presentation of the view that in the Psalms “selah” means to repeat the first phrase of the psalm as a refrain. Those interested in restoring psalmody in our worship will want this essay. We offer it not as the last word on the subject, but as an idea that may well be correct and is worth considering at length.

_____ $6.00 James B. Jordan, Babylon and the Babel Project. An upgraded version of essays published in Studies in the Revelation a decade ago. The Babel project arises when pagans who usually believe in many limited gods become converted to some kind of perverse monotheism, and therefore decide to conquer the world. This essay is a history of this theme from Genesis to the Babylon of Revelation.

_____ $9.00 James B. Jordan, Special Studies in the Book of Revelation. Eighteen separate studies originally published in Studies in the Revelation, including The Angels of Revelation, The Earthquakes of Revelation, The Seven Thunders, The Gates of Nehemiah’s Holy City, Comparative Chronology of the Destruction of Jerusalem in Jeremiah and in Revelation, etc.

_____ $6.00 James B. Jordan, The Beasts of Revelation. Again from Studies in the Revelation, sixteen essays dealing with beasts in the Bible, starting in Genesis 3, and moving to the beasts of Revelation: the Abyss Beast, the Sea Beast, the Scarlet Beast, the Beast-Image, the Red Dragon, the Number of the Beast (not what you think!), etc.

_____ $15.00 James B. Jordan, Jesus’ First Eschatological Discourse: Matthew 23-25. A very complete Biblical-theological exposition of all three chapters, revised from material originally published in Studies in the Revelation.


_____Total of your order.

_____Florida residents add 6% sales tax.

_____Shipping ($3.00 under $20.01; $5.00 over $20.00)

_____Donation, if included.

_____Total enclosed.

___ Check or money order to Biblical Horizons.

___ Please charge my MasterCard Visa Discover

card number: _________ _________ _________ _________

expiration date: __________

Name: ___________________________________________________



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Available at Amazon and Covenant Media Foundation

The Baptism of Jesus the Christ by Ralph Allan Smith


The baptism of Jesus by John the Baptizer is one of the theologically richest narratives in the Gospels, touching the transition from the old to the new covenant, the doctrines of water and Holy Spirit baptism, and the doctrine of the Trinity, to name only the most significant of topics.

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Now available at Amazon: Bible Matrix by Mike Bull

From the publisher’s overview:

“The Bible is one story told over and over again, with many variations on the same theme. This structure is the Bible’s DNA. This basic seven-point pattern is the heartbeat of the Creation. It is the cycle of a human day and a human life. It is the pattern of the Tabernacle. It is the process of agriculture. It undergirds the speeches and Laws of God. It orders the rise and fall of nations and empires. It is also the structure of our worship. It is the rhythm of Christ, and it will open the Bible for you like never before.”

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July 19-23
– Peter Leithart: Stuff on Sex and Politics in the Song of Songs
– Jeffrey Meyers: Stuff on Acts
– James Jordan: Stuff So Amazing We Cannot Disclose It
Bill DeJong: Ritual and Character Development
– Others to be announced.
– Begins Monday evening at 7:00 pm; ends Friday at 1:00 pm.
– Registration: $100 per person; $125 per family.
– Sung Vespers each evening, with “chanted” psalmody.

– Local airport is Northwest Florida Air Terminal (VPS).

– WARNING: By now it is almost certain that the beaches will be oil-fouled and that people will not be permitted to go to the beach. You may wish to take that into account when you decide where to stay, as some motels have pools. All those listed below have pools. There are recreational parks near the church that have access to the water of the bay, which should be fine.

Meeting place: Trinity Presbyterian Church, 44 Southview Ave., Valparaiso, FL 32580 www.trinvalp.com 

PLEASE NOTE: Trinity Presbyterian has graciously allowed the BH Conference to meet on its premises for 20 years. Trinity is NOT, however, a sponsor of the Conference. Questions about the Conference need to be addressed to Biblical Horizons, not to Trinity Presbyterian. Contact: jbjordan4@cox.net; 850-897-5299.

Better motels that are near the church:

Holiday Inn Express:

Quality Inn:

Comfort Suites:

If these are too expensive and you want a cheapo motel, contact us.

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Free Jordan Books and Essays

The Biblical Horizons website offers a number of James B. Jordan’s books and essays as free PDF downloads. The latest addition is his “Rebellion, Tyranny, and Dominion in the Book of Genesis.” You can find this essay and others here.

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The Liturgy Trap is Back

liturgy_trap1Now available …

The Liturgy Trap
the Bible Versus Mere Tradition in Worship (3rd. Edition)

by James B. Jordan

From the Athanasius Press website:

“We hear all to often that someone has decided to leave the  Evangelical Christian faith and to join the Church of Rome, or Eastern Orthodoxy, or High Anglicanism. The lure is liturgy and tradition, and since the Evangelical and Reformed churches so often  have such poor worship, it is not hard to understand the pull exercised by those churches that have a heritage of formality, sobriety and beauty.

“This cure, however, is far worse than the disease. The answer to the weaknesses of Evangelicalism is not a turn toward the fallacies and errors of Rome, Orthodoxy and Anglo-Catholicism, but a return to Biblical patterns of worship.

“Just as there is true and false doctrine, so there are true and false worship patterns. In this book, James B. Jordan sorts out the true and the false in the area of worship practice, discussing the cult of the saints, the veneration of icons, apostolic succession, virginity and celibacy, the presence of Christ at His Supper, and the doctrine of tradition.”

The book is currently available for pre-order at 40% off the cover price. Buy it here.  Be sure to check out the other books and resources available at Athanasius Press.

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Now available from Wordmp3.com…

An unbelievable James Jordan audio collection with lectures on Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Deuteronomy, 1-2 Samuel, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zechariah, Ezekiel, Zephaniah, Esther, Intertestamental Period/Apocrypha, John, Romans, Acts, Revelation, and much more. The set  includes Word documents of virtually all of Jordan’s writings from 1977-2007 and notes from all Bible book series. Also included is the Education Through New Eyes Conference and the 2008 Biblical Horizons Conference.

Four disk set, on sale now for $129 plus shipping.

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New Biblical Horizons Store

Introducing the Biblical Horizons Store

For many years, the Biblical Horizons ministry has offered books, essays, and tapes on biblical theology, ecclesiology and liturgics, studies in biblical chronology, and more. Now these materials are available online in the new Biblical Horizons store. Here’s a sampling of items you’ll find:

* Tapes of Biblical Horizons conferences from 1991 through 2007

* Books by Jordan, Leithart, Meyers, and others. (Don’t forget to pick up Jordan’s new book “Handwriting on the Wall: a Commentary on the Book of Daniel.” Autographed copies available).

* Works by Christian philosopher Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy

* Jordan’s Studies in Food and Faith

* Science fiction by Cordwainer Smith

* And much more. New items will be added from time to time, so be sure and check back occasionally.

Want to be on the Biblical Horizons mailing list? Jordan puts out a monthly newsletter with explorations in biblical theology and chronology and other topics; you can get a free six-month subscription if you e-mail him (jbjordan@biblicalhorizons.com) and request to be put on the list. After that, you’re asked to make a donation to continue receiving the mailings. A number of essays by Jordan and others are available free at the Biblical Horizons website.

Jordan is an insightful and engaging and speaker and writer, and his love for God’s word is always evident. Take advantage of these resources and learn to see the world through new eyes.

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